They’re Baaack… Revenge of the Angry Birds

I’ve never really been afraid of animals.  There was a point during my preteens that I was skiddish around horses, but never really scared of them.  I’d been thrown off somewhere around 9 or 10 and that had made me a little nervous around them.  I was about 13 or 14 before I rode again, but I’d hop on in a heartbeat now.  I’ve held snakes, lizards, got up close and personal with some locust…I even have a picture around here somewhere of me riding an elephant.  That was an awesome experience, one that I’d love to have again.
Today, I was out back trimming my already flowering parsley, when I saw it.  Something that stuck instant and immediate fear straight through my heart.  I saw it peek out, and then shoot across the yard.  Had it been dark out, I would have missed it all together.  Then again, I probably wouldn’t have been outside trimming parsley if it had been dark.
Sharp black claws, beady eyes, slick black body…
Coming out of the power room exhaust vent, a Starling.  If you were reading back last May, you may remember a post about the bathroom serenade I was getting every day.  Turns out, that was a Starling too.  A whole freaking family of them.  A nest.  Babies.  And their mites.  Yes, mites.  Click the link.  Go on, read it.  When you’re properly skeeved out and understand why seeing a Starling come out of a bathroom vent nearly sent me over the edge, then you can come back and finish reading this fantastic piece of literature (the spammers that visit and comment regularly tell me how awesome my writing is).
Aren’t you terrified too?  Not literally, but definitely freaked out?
Last year, we paid over $300 to have the birds removed, mites eradicated and covers put over the two vents the birds had moved into.  We hoped, obviously in vain, that the birds would only nest in the higher vents and not be interested in the other two closer to the ground.  Yeah.  My bad.  So tomorrow, and another $325 later, hopefully we’ll be bird free for good.
Have any of you had similar experienced with birds or any other unwanted creatures?  How many of you are now Googling vent covers?
I’m suddenly wishing my husband wasn’t deathly allergic to cats…
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2 Responses to They’re Baaack… Revenge of the Angry Birds

  1. flyingkitten says:

    Oh I know what you mean. When we first moved into our New house I started smelling what reminded me of the mice cages I had as a kid. Sure enough we had lots of little mice making a habitrail out of our stove vent. A few years later we had rats in the walls. That was the worst. You could hear them scampering and chewing on things. They love to get active around 4am. I thought for sure they were going to chew through the walls or jump out of the toilet.

    Both creatures came in through vents that the builder did not cover. Thank goodness we are rodent free. I feel your pain.

  2. Ashley Gault says:

    A cat would probably help, that’s too bad about the allergy! I’m a new follower from Triberr! Hope you have a good weekend!

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