4 Things I Love About Fall

Everyone has a favorite season, and despite how much I love to see everything bloom to life in Spring, Fall takes the cake.

Fall Favorites ColorsThe Colors – From the bright blue sky to the fiery leaves on the trees, and even the bright crispy browns of the dying fields, the world is on fire with color in the fall.  Sunrise and sunset light up the sky with their own colors that seem unique to the time of the year.  I just love how it’s all so bright and glowing.

Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home with CandlesThe Smells – I’ve never been one to enjoy floral fragrances, but spicy things… cinnamon, mint, clove… I’ll take those all day long!  Something about them warm hints of those scents just screams “Fall!”  Burning leaves, logs on a fire (inside or out), that smell the air gets just before a cold rain…  Those are the things dreams are made of.

Fall Favorites BakingThe Baking – Who doesn’t love that Fall is the season for baking?!  If you don’t love the act of doing it, I’m sure most of you love the products it creates.  Living in the South, baking doesn’t happen much during the summer.  It just heats up the house too much to have the oven going and frankly my AC can’t keep up as is.  In the Fall though, those crisp evenings are the perfect time to crank up the oven and bake with the fruits of the season.  Apple pie will always be my favorite.

Fall Favorites TreesThe Weather – As far as the weather is concerned, there isn’t a more perfect season than Fall.  Cool, crisp mornings give way to warm, sunny afternoons.  The evenings bring a temperature drop that makes a night by the fire a perfect setting. Coffee, hot chocolate and warm cider are all perfectly acceptable beverages at any time of the day.  What weather could be better?

What are your favorite things about Fall?

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