Things You Should NOT Do When Crafting a Gingerbread House

#1 – Do not wait until 7 PM to start.  After a long day with the kids, one really should not attempt a gingerbread house when their patience is already shot.
#2 – Do not involve the children.  I am not sure why my OCD self thought doing this with the kids was a good idea.  It was like two dogs fighting over a bone.
#3 – Do not wait until the last minute to make sure you have the necessary supplies.  Apparently my coupler has walked off, and since I already had everything out and ready (plus those pesky kids waiting) I attempted to rig it.  Note the less than graceful ‘gluing’ together of the gingerbread.

#4 – Do not expect the icing to actually hold the roof in place.  It will slide.  You will have a gaping hole at the peak.  You will get angry.  Next year, I’m using Liquid Nails.

#5 – Do not nibble the gingerbread.  Only God and Wilton know how long that stuff has been sitting in a box.  Eating something that apparently never spoils can not be good for your health.

My kids like it though…

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8 Responses to Things You Should NOT Do When Crafting a Gingerbread House

  1. I think it looks really nice especially compared to the monstrosity that my niece and nephews helped do last year. You’re right the “glue” doesn’t make anything stick! I had gotten so frustrated I just let the kids do whatever to it, and it showed.

  2. ashrehorn says:

    THanks for the tips! Will be using them soon. 🙂

  3. ashrehorn says:

    Thanks! We’ll be using some of these tips really soon. Thank you for being such an honest blogger. It makes it so nice to read, knowing it’s real.

    Thank you for your blog.

  4. As always, sage advice. But I wonder, who is Wilton?

  5. We did a wilton kit this year, but i learned from last year & made the kids do it with grammy 😉 I just sat back and enjoyed the show with homeade hot chocolate!

  6. Susie Kline says:

    All of your reasons are why the gingerbread house tradition died after me season here at KlineLand!

  7. Amen! Making gingerbread houses isn’t really for children. We didn’t even get to ours this year, that’s how bad I was dreading it!

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