Thinking Small Has a Big Impact

It’s been quiet around Mama.Mommy.Mom. for the last few days, though the scene in our home has been anything but.  Thursday was filled with family and food – lots of food – and Friday was filled with many hours of shopping.  Well, mostly many hours of waiting in line, but you get the idea.  Saturday was round two on the Thanksgiving feasts for us, but I took a bit of time Saturday to get out and shop local for Small Business Saturday.
Small Business Saturday is an initiative started by American Express a year ago to encourage people to get out and make an impact in their local economy during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.  Did you know (on average) that for every $100 you spend when you shop small, locally owned businesses, about $68 stays to support your local economy verses only $43 when you shop a big-box retailer?  That’s a huge difference!  Imagine the impact we could make if we chose to shop small when possible?
So Saturday, before crazy Turkey Round 2 started, I spent some time in Downtown Mooresville checking out a few of our small, locally owned businesses.  American Express made it easy to enjoy the afternoon by providing me with a $25 gift card to use at any local, small business I chose.

This is our home.  If I got ambitious, I could walk to town.  I never walk to town.

My first stop today was D.E. Turner Co.  They have sleds!  I love that the retailers in downtown feel safe leaving merchandise out on the sidewalk.  It’s a great way to lure in business!  As you can see, D.E. Turner Co. has wasted no time in preparing for the holidays!

D.E.Turner Co. was established in 1899 – That makes them 112!  That’s quite a feat for a locally owned business!

The store carries a little bit of everything, quite literally.  Want to pick up a Radio Flyer wagon or tricycle?  They’ve got them.

Need a sled, some irrigation or want your fortune told?  Yep.  Got that too.

Oil lamps are fantastic during a power outage…

Or, if you need a pressure cooker, they have those too.

They’ve got you covered on hardware too.  These cubbies were full of various sizes of bolts.

And, on the very next aisle over, you can pick up a spring form pan for your holiday cheesecake.

Camping accessories are plentiful, as are the suspenders.

There’s plenty of nostalgia too.  Many things in the store have obviously been there for quite some time.  I wanted to ask about this cash register, but not surprisingly, the store was very busy!

I settled on a new pair of child-size rakes for the kids.  My grandparents have a lot of trees and the kids spend 2 full days there every week.  This should keep them busy for a while.  Of course, anything they rake up with likely be scattered again, but that’s ok!  
If you want to read a little more about D. E. Turner Co, you can check out this article in our local paper from the summer.
After walking around town, I decided to head over to my favorite little bakery, La Patisserie.  I went in with the intentions of grabbing a cup of coffee and something light off the cafe menu, but this grabbed me instead…

I melted a little when I saw the Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache cake. 

La Patisserie offers a variety of other baked goods in addition to their cakes.  These little goodies were packaged and ready to give as a gift.

Cookies, pastries, cupcakes… they have it all!

In the back, that’s my favorite cake ever.  Passion Fruit Cake.  The icing is like whipped cream, and this filling is bursting with bits of passion fruit.  It is to die for!  But, in an effort to try something new, I came home with this…

Dulce De Leche Cake.  Oh, mama!  Besides being beautiful, it is a work of art!  The cake itself is three layers of chocolate and caramel cakes, with a delicious caramel filling.  I’m actually about to brew a cup of coffee and grab another slice now.

So, while you’re doing your holiday shopping, remember to think outside the big box.  You never know what gems you might find on your own Main Street!

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  1. ~Jessica says:

    that bakery sounds yummy. Will check it out next time I am in the area!

  2. Stacy says:

    you say a pot for camping… but i think it looks like an wicked cauldron.

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