Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

Today is easily the hardest day of the year for me. Of all the things I’ve experienced in my life, nothing has had the impact on me that losing my best friend did.

It’s amazing how after three years, still not a day passes that I don’t wonder what she would say or do if she were here with me. Her loss is a wound that time will never heal, but it has left me with many valuable lessons about life and what truly matters.

Make sure the people you love know it, and tell them with more than words; tell them with your actions.

Don’t shut out the people who care for you, even over the most serious of arguments. You may not always have tomorrow to fix things; fix them today.

Life is short, sometimes much shorter than you expect. Soak up the experiences life offers you and don’t be afraid to live.

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2 Responses to Time Does Not Heal All Wounds

  1. Janet says:

    so true, so sorry, ((hugs))

  2. Lin says:

    May 10th I lost my best friend of 54 years. We were closer than sisters. I know the pain you are feeling. I miss her every day. <3

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