To Wrap or Not To Wrap: That is the Question!

My daughter just had her third birthday this month, and I finally think she’s starting to understand the concept of the big guy in the red suit.  This has brought about some debate at our house about how to handle gifts from the big guy. 
I grew up in a household of wrapped presents that were under the tree for days, if not weeks before Christmas.  Those were presents from my parents.  Then, on Christmas morning, there would be new gifts under the tree and a stocking full of goodies from the big guy.  All still wrapped.  This is how it’s worked here for the last two years as well. 
Some debate has cropped up this year in regards specifically to a larger gift that was purchased for my daughter.  In my day, it would have been wrapped in the box, just as is, and assembly would be dealt with after the unwrapping.  I guess the anticipation of waiting to play with my new loot was part of the experience for me.  My husband thinks I should have this item assembled and ready to go, waiting in the garage, for after the other items are opened (it’s a ride-on vehicle).  I’m willing to negotiate on wrapping/unwrapping, but if I want it under the tree regardless.  My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to bring it in and put it under the tree.
So, I’m hoping for some feedback from the masses about how you handle gifts for your children.  Do you wrap some and not others?  Wrap them all?  Is everything from the big guy or are some from Mom and Dad?
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One Response to To Wrap or Not To Wrap: That is the Question!

  1. marfmom says:

    We had them all wrapped, all under the tree. The gifts from Santa came while we were sleeping, stockings then too. However, my parents didn’t use separate wrapping paper from Santa and I am definitely going to do that as my son gets a bit older.

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