Today Was A Big Day…

Cullen and I dropped Addison off at my mom’s around lunch.  She was having a sleep over at grandma’s with Cousin Landon.
We’ve known it was coming for a while.  The paci.  Ditching it.  We kind of knew the ditching might happen this weekend, but I hadn’t really planned on it being today.  Until we got home this afternoon.  Literally 5 minutes beforehand, I decided.  I decided that today was the day.
We grabbed a spade, bagged up the pacis (heaven forbid I end up out there digging them up tonight) and headed out to our little garden.

I let him do the work…

We talked about what was happening…
We patted then down and we walked away.

It was all good for about 10 minutes, then he insisted that he needed to dig in the dirt.  Obviously, I did not comply with his demands and much screaming commenced.  Rinse and repeat.  About 5 times.  I have managed to get him to bed, how long he stays???
Tonight could be interesting….
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2 Responses to Today Was A Big Day…

  1. Stacy Kaiser says:

    Your roots come out in that video. <3

  2. Ashley Gault says:

    This is a good idea! I have a 2 yr old that needs to be done with passies, and it’s just a matter of doing it… Not looking forward to it. =)

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