Toddlers and Tiaras – The State Pageant Edition

Why do I do this to myself?  I continue to subject myself to tiny divas in rollers, a better wardrobe than mine and more makeup than I wear in a month.  (sigh) I guess it’s because my daughter wants to be a queen.  Not a princess… a queen.

Pageant DayI’m thankful that my niece does pageants.  Her my, my sister, kind of runs the show when it comes to my daughter on (and leading up to) pageant day.  My only real tasks are: show up on time and come loaded up with snacks.  Divas get hungry.  I need to keep the princess – I mean, queen – happy if I want to see her win a tiara.  And trust me… with the amount of money going into these things, I want to see her win.

Yoplait Greek 100 as a Snack10 AM – We raid the fridge for snacks before leaving the house for the day.  We’ve got to be on site at 11 AM.  Choices are not super limited, yet she still goes for my Yoplait Greek Whips 100.  She snags both my Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Cupcake flavors.  I can’t complain too much… I do have quite a few in the fridge, plus I know the smooth creamy texture will make it seem like a real treat for her, all the while I know it’s a healthy option to keep her belly full.

11 AM – We’re on site and ready for rollers.  The rollers have to sit, so there’s a fair amount of thumb twiddling that happens now.  We break out the snacks.  She starts in on the Vanilla Cupcake and it’s not long before I have a small contingency of divas trying to take my Yoplait Greek Whips 100!

1 PM – Hair is still up, but it’s time to get some makeup on.  First on the agenda is her interview, so we keep it “light”.  And by “light”, I mean more makeup than I wear in a week or two.

1:40 PM – Hair is down and we are dressed for interview.  She’s skittered off down the hall and I don’t see her again until 2:30.

Pageant Interview Outfit2:30 PM – More down time.  She doesn’t go on stage again until 4 pm.  I hang back with her for a bit, have a cup of Yoplait Greek Whips 100 myself (Strawberry Cheesecake), she plays Minecraft and I knock out a few levels of Candy Crush.  Don’t judge.

3:30 PM – I leave my wannabe-Queen in the capable hands of my sister and go find my spot in the audience.

4:00 PM – The show starts.  Division II (ages 7 & up) wannabe-Queens are modeling on stage for beauty, outfit of choice and theme wear (nautical).  We’ve got a few breaks for various talent showcases, but overall the next hour and a half goes pretty quick… at least for me.  My daughter and my sister are running through outfit, hair and make-up changes at the speed of light.

5:30 PM – It’s all over but the crowning.  We’ve got a brief break while scores are calculated and then we see who wins what and who goes home with a crown.

Pageant Winner6:00 PM – Not a queen this time, but much more than just a Princess to me!  She placed third in her age group and took home a few side awards of her own (Best Dress, Best Outfit of Choice, and Best Hair).  There were quite a few tears shed when she didn’t come off stage with with big full round crown, but also an important life lesson restated… you can’t always win everything.

A few days later, the sting of loss has worn off and the only thing she’s worried about is when the next pageant is and why I don’t have more of that yogurt in the fridge (and why can’t we have a puppy… and why is the sky blue… and can she spend the night with Madi this weekend… and…)

Grab a coupon from Publix to try Yoplait Greek Whips 100 for yourself.  Indulge in amazing flavors without feeling guilty.

Yes, pageant days are incredibly long for the little divas and for moms too.  What do you think about pageants?  Does it make a difference in your opinion that we only compete in “natural” pageants (meaning no fake anything – hair, tan, nails, teeth, etc)?

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  1. amber.m says:

    Oh my goodness, she looks so beautiful!
    And we LOVES these yogurts! Thanks for the coupons!

  2. Amber says:

    She’s such a doll! And way cuter than the kids on that crazy show too…LOL Thanks for the coups! 🙂

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