Traveling to Washington, DC {Arlington National Cemetery} #Travel

A day late and a dollar short… isn’t that the saying?  I know that Veterans Day was on the 11th and I know that the anniversary of JFK’s death was yesterday.  I’m perpetually behind.  What can I say?  Aside from having two young children and a job that all need my attention, part of my drag from the last week or so has been recovering from a quick trip north to visit our nations capital, Washington, DC.

A friend of mine and I had been talking about taking a short ‘girl’s weekend’ trip the next time we found a great deal on flights.  As it happened, I had signed up for emails from Southwest Airlines as part of some contest or another that they were running, and it wasn’t long before a fare sale email showed up in my inbox.  We had 4 choices… Orlando, Chicago, Houston and Baltimore.  With Baltimore being $59 each way (a total steal!), we knew we were going to Washington.  This wouldn’t be my first trip to Washington… I’d taken a trip once before.  I was in 8th grade, so around 14 years old.  I remember being amazed by everything then, and I can say now that as an adult, it’s still just as amazing.

It wasn’t until just a few weeks before our departure that we realized we’d be in Washington for Veterans Day.  Where better to spend the day than at Arlington National Cemetery?  On even the least notable day of the year, Arlington is nothing short of breathtaking.  On Veterans Day, it will awe you into silence.

This is only a handful of the hundreds of images I shot at Arlington National Cemetery, and while it is a tiny sampling of what we saw, I hope they evoke the emotion of Arlington to you…

Tomb of The Unknown Soldier Guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Arlington National Cemetery Graves on the Hillside at Arlington Markers at Arlington Graves as far as the eye can see - Arlington Gravesites at Arlington Flowers on a Monument at Arlington(*Pretty, pretty, pretty please don’t steal my images.  You can pin them, you can share this post, but if you’d like to use them for something else, please email me at – Thank you!)

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  1. Brittany C says:

    Beautiful images!

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