Tweetsie Railroad: A Day Out with Thomas!

It’s been a long day, ladies and gents.  A long day.
The kids usually have me up at the crack of dawn most days, but we aren’t generally pushing to be out of the house too early.  This morning was different.  Today we took our annual trip to Tweetsie Railroad to see Thomas the Train!  Tweetsie Railroad opened in the 1950s as a tourist attraction in Blowing Rock, NC (about 2 hours from where we live.) and I’ve been more times than I can count.  We pulled out at 7:30 AM and didn’t get home until 7 PM.  4 hours in a car in one day with a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a nearly 3 week old is more than I can handle on a regular basis.  For sure.
Tweetsie is geared toward the younger crowd, but still fun for the adults too.  Our first stop (post sunscreen application an bathroom trip) was the Thomas the Train bounce house (because what preschooler can pass up a bounce house) and then found our place in line to wait on Thomas to pick us up!  The ride is pretty neat, and the cool breeze on the 3 mile loop is definitely a welcomed change of pace.  Most of the park is paved with asphalt and the heat radiates from it.  The older kids definitely enjoyed the ride.

That’s my nephew behind Addison.  She was practicing how she was supposed to scream if she saw any Indians.  There’s a point in the ride where the train stops and the marshalls have a little run in with the Native Americans.  It’s way, way toned down from the ‘train robbery’ that happened when I was a kid.
Think of Tweetsie as a Western fair that never packs up and moves.  There are all kinds of fair ride there for everyone to enjoy.  Next to the train, Addison’s favorite part of Tweetsie is the Ferris wheel.  She is afraid of heights (like her mama) but for some reason it never phases her.  She *loves* it.  She spent the entire ride with her hands up in the air, alternating between ‘Weeeeeee’ and ‘Woohoooo’.  You get some great views of the surrounding area from the top, especially the random grave yard that sits right in the middle of Tweetsie.  I have googled until I can’t google anymore and I can’t really find any info on it…
^^Totally strange.^^
This is gorgeous.

Thomas pulling back into the depot…

Grandma took a turn with both kids while my sis and I checked on the baby and took a break in the shade.  It was wicked hot.

This is my sis and my nephew 🙂

After the Ferris wheel, we spent some time on the tea cups, having a ridiculously over-priced lunch, and took the chair lifts up to Miner’s Mountain for some more kiddie rides and a turn on the Tweetsie Tornado (scrambler).  There’s also a second little train up on Miner’s Mountain that is really for the bitty kids, but both of ours wanted to ride it.  We waited for a while for our turn on that one.  And, in the mean time, the skies got dark.  Not good.  Not good at all.
We got to ride the chair lifts back down in the rain.  That was interesting.  And a little cool.  As in cold.  There was a 25 degree temperature drop in a matter of 15 minutes.  Seriously.  Everything we’d left down in ‘Stroller Parking’ was soaked.  We sought cover, got drink refills, had a potty break and bought some delicious (yet over-priced) treats from the fudge shop and finally got a break in the rain long enough to get to the car.  It was short lived though.  We made it two or three minutes down the road and all Hell broke loose.  You couldn’t see a thing, literally.  My sis found a place to pull over, then we proceeded to be pelted by hail and pouring rain.  Good times.
I could have done without the looking/feeling like a drowned rat moments, but all in all it was a great trip.  If you’re within driving distance, I would totally recommend making the trip up to Tweetsie for a day.  It’s definitely a *must* for us every year!
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  1. Oh fun! I haven’t been to Tweetsie since I was a kid, but it’s on the list do do soon. Our son is obsessed with trains, so he will love it!

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