Type-A Parent 2013 – Will YOU Be There?

Shhhh…. Do you hear that?

Awesomeness is in the making, guys.  Seriously.

Total Awesomeness Happening Here

Total Awesomeness Happening Here

Last June, I was a total conference newbie.  If you’re not into the social media thing, or if you’re new to it, that basically means I had never taken the time out of my busy schedule to invest enough in myself to go and learn from some of the best and brightest rock stars of the blogging world.  Nearly 9 months later and my head is still swimming with all of the tidbits of information I picked up in 3 days.

And the networking, wowzas!  I got to hangout with some of my idols, both in blogging and other media, plus meet some amazing brands and learn about a ton of new products – many geared toward making busy lives easier.  The atmosphere at Type-A Conference, despite what the Type-A part may imply, is super relaxed.  Everyone is just comfortable.  You can speak ‘blog’ and ‘social media’ and no one looks at you like you have three heads.  The owner of that company everyone has heard of?  Yeah, he’s totally accessible.   The gal with a million Twitter followers?  So is she.

Charlie from HowToBeADad.com

Charlie from HowToBeADad.com

I laughed, I cried (for real – moving speakers, absolutely moving), I partied like a rock star and even overslept once.

My favorite take-home from Type-A 2012?  The connections I made at Type-A, the relationships I continue to build.  Knowing that someone out there knows me and is always willing to answer my questions.  Always.  Type-A Parent Conference is so much more than just 3 days, it’s a community, open 24/7, where everyone is friendly, supporting and knowledgeable in one area or another.

Total Rock Stars!

Total Rock Stars!

Why am I blabbing about all of this?  Well, I want to see you at Type-A Parent Conference 2013, of course!  (Discount code below!) If you blog (even sporadically), are thinking about blogging, or just think it would be super cool to rock out with all of us for a few days in some amazing sessions, you need to be in Atlanta in September! (Did I mention we also party like rock stars?  Last year, we had killer parties sponsored by Disney, Ubisoft and more!)

So, how can you get yourself to Type-A Parent Conference 2013?  For starters, readers of MamaMommyMom.com get a 25% discount off registration!  Just visit Eventbrite to purchase your tickets and use the discount code MAMAMOMMYMOM  Bam!  Easy peasy!  Grab a few friends and book a hotel room (we get a discounted rate) to share, or let me know you need roommates and I can hook you up with some potential roommates.  (Trust me, you won’t do much in your room aside from sleep and possibly take a short mid-afternoon break.  And shower.  Definitely shower.)

Will I see you in Atlanta?

*MamaMommyMom is a Type-A Parent Conference Partner for 2013 and may receive compensation as such.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Woot! Partners in crime, girlfriend/roomie!!!



  2. Already got my ticket and can’t wait to go!!! WHOO HOO!!!

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