Warm Up with 16 Sensational Sangria Recipes

I have always been a fan of sangria.  Well, at least since I turned 21 and discovered the amazing joy of wine.  I’ve had some pretty delicious sangria through the years, and have even made my own (and I think it’s pretty delicious too.)  While sangria recipes typically float around more in the Spring and early Summer, most people don’t know that National Sangria Day is actually in December!  If you’re limiting your sangria consumption to a few months of the year, you’re selling yourself short!

16 Sensational Sangria RecipesSome sangria recipes are quite simple, some are rather eclectic and others are down right complex.  One thing you can be sure of is that no two sangria recipes are the same.  Check out some of these recipes, including a few specially spiced and dressed up just for the holidays.

Sassenach Sangria from Living Better Together

Honey Crisp Apple Sangria from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Persimmon Pomegranate Thanksgiving Sangria from Cooking Stoned

Autumn Sangria from Domesticate Me

Winter Apple Pear Cranberry Sangria from Luci’s Morsels

Quick Christmas Sangria from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Pomegranate and Rosemary White Wine Sangria from Bakeaholic Mama

Fall Sangria from Leslie Reese

Summer Fruit Sangria from The Realistic Nutritionist

Champagne Sangria from Freutcake

The Perfect White Wine Sangria from MamaMommyMom (that’s me!)

Wicked Autumn Sangria from South Your Mouth

White Autumn Spice Sangria from Kitchen Treaty

Seasonal White Sangria from Marshalls Abroad

White Sangria with Figs and Anjou Pears from Foraged Dish

Blackberry Vodka Sangria from Snappy Gourmet

Look at all of those crazy delicious sangria recipes!  I am looking forward to trying a few of these (I mean, I can’t have them all, right?) by the fire this winter and the others will be waiting for me come Spring!  How do you take your sangria?  Are you a fan of red, white or both?

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