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LEGO Bricks!

Saturday morning, we packed up the kids and headed south to the Ballantyne area to check out the Grand Opening of Bricks4Kidz!  My kids both love LEGO Bricks, so I knew it would be a hit.  Aside from the LEGO store (which I absolutely loathe going into – it’s SO crowded and is over-stimulation central), I’ve never seen so many LEGO Bricks on one place!  See the book on the table in the picture above?  It’s a book full of cool things to build!  These guys were having a great time at the building tables.  I was a little jealous.

 Bricks4Kidz is an awesome LEGO centered activity center in south Charlotte (there are other locations too!  Just click on the link and search for one near you!) that offers pre-school classes, creative building classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and more!  Hubs and I are personally excited to try out the Kidz Nite Out they offer.  We lived in Charlotte in our pre-kiddo years and miss the wide variety of restaurant options available to us there.  Paying a sitter for us to drive 45 minutes each way, plus our actual dinner, just isn’t worth it.  This is a viable option though!  It gives us somewhere to send Addison that she will love and be taken care of in our absence, while not paying for the 45 minute commute each way!  Perfect!

They have a DUPLO section for the smaller LEGO lovers, though Cullen is efficient at the regular LEGO Bricks too!

I loved the LEGO letters and wall mounted board.  Addison can spell her name with ease, so we worked on spelling her brother’s name too!

I think my favorite part was the motorized LEGO Bricks.  Do you remember the Spirograph?  This used LEGO Bricks and a motor to do pretty much the same thing.  The kids thought it was pretty awesome.

Addison really enjoyed the paper crinkler (so did I… I could have stood there and crinkled tiny strips of paper for hours.)  Motorized LEGO parts are definitely on our *need* list for home.
Of course, the Grand Opening was mostly open-play verses the more structured programs (they do also offer open-play sessions), I can see this being something my kids ask to go back for.
Do your kids love LEGO Bricks?  Do they like to free-build or assemble sets?  What’s their favorite creation?  Upload your pictures to my Facebook page and share them with us!
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4 Responses to We Learn, We Build, We Play with…

  1. begintocraft says:

    thanks for sharing about the store, sounds like fun. We may have to check it out too.

  2. Fritter says:

    My boys love this sort of thing, great post!

  3. Sounds like good fun 🙂

  4. Mommy of Two says:

    Oh wow, my littles would love that place!

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