We Survived the Apocolypse… What About the Zombies?

I am not a fit girl.  If I had to run for my life, I’m pretty sure I’d die.  That’s what makes the pending, if not already happening, zombie invasion so intriguing.  I tried the Couch25K thing well over a year ago and decided then that they only way you’d ever catch me running was if there were zombie chasing me.


I just logged my 7th mile (albeit them very slow and with some breaks to catch my breath) for the week.  I am running.

I’m not sure where the zombies are exactly…I’ve decided to keep my head up and focus forward rather than looking back.  My weight has always been a issue for me, one that I am constantly focusing on (except when I’m eating cookie dough ice cream straight from the container, or around the holidays) and it’s something that has me down in the dumps frequently.  I want to be that 135 lb girl that met her husband 15 years ago.

Reality check: That was FIFTEEN years and 2 kids ago.  While it’s not impossible, given our current life situation, schedules and whatnot, it’s probably an unrealistic expectation for me to believe I will see that girl again anytime in the near future.  So, rather than focus on a number or a size, I’m going to focus on actual fitness.  I want my body to be strong enough to do things I never thought I could do – like run.  The rest will come.

This is where I need your help… Will you be a cheering section for me?  If I don’t post about where I am with my fitness goals for a while, will you check in with me?  I’m all ear if you have tips or tricks and if you have your own personal fitness journey you’d like to share with me, please do!  My email and Facebook pages, as well as the comment section here are all at your disposal.

So, for now, keep an eye out for those zombies for me, will ya?  I’m rocking tunes and looking looking ahead.

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4 Responses to We Survived the Apocolypse… What About the Zombies?

  1. Oh Jamie I am right there with you. My weight has always been such a huge issue for me. Only I was never that 135lb girl, well except when I was a teenager. But even though I was never her I long for her. But I am trying really hard to change my focus to health and fitness as well. I failed my commitment to myself with starting running this week but I need to stop breaking my own promises to myself. Good luck!

  2. Oh, you made me laugh! Yes, I pretty much only run if my life depended on it…and even then I’m bound to be the slowest one, so it probably wouldn’t do much good!
    Good for you for focusing on fitness instead of a scale number.
    GOOD LUCK with your running. It’s not for me, but so many people love it, it must have it’s good points 😉

  3. Candy Howard says:

    Let’s do it together! I have (I really hope!) turned a corner and can start to get back into shape-more for fitness like you said than anything else. But, man, would it be nice to even wear a shirt from before I had kids! Good luck!

  4. Beginning a weight loss journey myself at my heaviest weight ever, I totally understand the need for support, and honey, you have mine! I know you can do this!

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