What Are You Wiping Little Bottoms With? Save The Bum With WaterWipes!

 So you had a baby… now what?

 Well, unless you’ve done your research, chances are you are handed your bundle of joy, some formula, a pack of disposable diapers and some wipes – then given brief instructions from a nurse on how to care for your baby – and left with the goods.

But, what you’re left with… is it really good?  (Baby aside, of course!)

A quick look at the labels with assault you with a list of words far too big to pronounce, chemicals that are known irritants and things given a choice none of us would ingest!  Case and point, baby wipes.  Even the wipes with the shortest lists of ingredients (considered ‘Pure’ wipes) have a list of 8 ingredients, only two of which I can identify: Water, Glycerin, Malic Acid, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylparaben, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Laureth Phosphate and Tetrasodium EDTA.  How many times a day does a parent wipe their newborn with this chemical cocktail? (I’m guilty here too!)

How many of those do you recognize?

 Why are we wiping our babies bottoms with this again?  Because we don’t have another option?  But wait, we do!  WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipe, made with 99.9% water and .1% grapefruit seed extract.  Nothing else.  No crazy chemicals with names impossible to pronounce, nothing to irritate baby’s delicate skin and not only are WaterWipes better (dare I say perfect) for tiny bums, but they are also more environmentally friendly than regular disposable wipes.  100% Biodegradable!  WaterWipes offer the convenience of disposable wipes without the chemicals.

What did I think?  These wipes were awesome!  They cleaned just as well as any wipe I’ve ever used, left my baby’s booty soft and fragrance free, and I didn’t have to worry about irritating his little bottom.  The packaging was as convenient as other wipes and produce less damaging waste, reducing the impact on the environment.  Win, win!

We’ve always used the fragrance-free ‘sensitive’ wipes on our little ones.  While they have always seemed to irritate them less than the regular baby wipes, it’s clear that sometimes a wash cloth and water were a far superior alternative.  Irritated bottoms and normal wipes just don’t mix.  Talk about setting a fire… try wiping an irritated little bum with a regular wipe 🙁  If you want to see for yourself, find a small scratch or irritated spot on your own skin and rub a regular wipe over it.  Stings, doesn’t it?  Ouchie!  That’s just no good!

A testament to the chemical cleaning power of regular wipes: When my daughter was about 2-1/2, I was lucky enough to work in an environment where I could take her in with me if needed.  One one such occasion at the office, I left her sitting at a table in my office – watching a movie – while I walked across the hall to drop some papers off with a co-worker.  I was literally gone 2 minutes.  2 minutes in which she acquired an ink pen and created a lovely drawing on my monitor.  What saved the day?  A baby wipe.  After seeing it clean ink off of my monitor, I knew what they must be doing to skin…but what choice did I have?

Until recently, WaterWipes weren’t available in the US, but I’m happy to share that they launched their product in the US in February!  WaterWipes are now available online through both Amazon.com and Diapers.com and in Kerr Drug stores in North Carolina.

WaterWipes is currently running a campaign on their Facebook page to donate wipes to Miracle Babies.   The Great Bottom Campaign and your ‘likes’ on Facebook will help donate WaterWipes to critically ill newborns and their families.  Stop by, ‘like’ their page and do some good today.

And remember, if you’re looking for a safer alternative for your little bums (and you should be!), check out WaterWipes and what they have to offer!

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  1. momity says:

    Well to be honest I wasn’t but you really made me feel like I should be! I wish they sold them in stores in Canada.

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