What Happens To The Pictures On Your Phone?

I spent the evening yesterday deleting the pictures on my phone.  There were pictures of my kids, pictures of my dog, and even a few of my boyfriend.  There were pictures of food, pictures of things I saw at the store, and pictures of random things in nature.  There were pictures I’ve shared on Facebook, pictures I’ve shared on Instagram and some pictures that have never left the confines of my camera roll.  Deleting pictures has always been scary for me.  Yesterday, it wasn’t.


I take so many pictures.  Anyone who takes the amount of pictures I do understands that all of those files (especially if you hoard them) will eat up the memory on your phone.  I tried to download an update to my Twitter app earlier in the week and got the dreaded “not enough storage” message.  My bad.  I haven’t saved the pictures of my phone and cleaned up my camera roll since April.  I had roughly one thousand pictures eating up space on my phone.  There are a lot of my pup, Fenway.  How could I delete that super cute face?


Delete pictures off my phone isn’t scary anymore, not knowing that they are backed up by Amazon Cloud Drive.


I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years (it’s really, really worth the money!), but had no idea that my Prime membership also scores me free storage on Amazon Cloud Drive with Prime Photos.  The best part?  The pictures from my phone get backed up automatically!  I don’t have to remember to do anything.  Just download the app, sign in to my Amazon Prime account, set the preferences and let it go.  Simple, right?  I never have to feel back about deleted pictures off my phone again.


If you’re not a Amazon Prime member (and you should be), don’t worry!  Amazon Cloud Drive offers an $11.99/yr Unlimited Photo Plan that gives you all the photo storage you’ll ever need.  Want to back up more than just photos?  Amazon Cloud Drive has a plan for that too.  For $59.99/yr – that’s less than $5 per month – the Unlimited Everything Plan lets you back up photos, videos, files, movies, documents and music.  Did I mention UNLIMITED?  You can access Amazon Cloud Drive via the web on MAC, PC and tablets.

What does the camera roll on your phone look like?  Do you have a plan for backing up your pictures or will they live in your phone forever (or until you have to delete them to free up space?)  I could never just delete this face, could you?



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10 Responses to What Happens To The Pictures On Your Phone?

  1. Jessica H. says:

    Anything “cloud” kind of scares me, but I am a Prime member so I’ll have to check this out. I definitely like to clean out the photos from my phone on a regular basis by e-mailing them to myself, but this might be easier.

    • mamamommymom says:

      I am the same way, but I figure with it being Amazon, they will have a back up of a back up of the back up! LOL

  2. i need some better phone photo storage options!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. This is AWESOME news! I had no idea!

  4. I need to try this. I have Amazon Prime and I’m only using a couple of the benefits. Need to check this out.

  5. I have been a Prime member for YEARS & had no clue about this photo service they offer! I am literally downloading the app now as I type this. 😉

  6. I had NO idea this was part of Prime. Just another reason to LOVE Amazon.com.

  7. THANK YOU so much for sharing! I’ve been a PRIME member for about a year now, and didn’t know this awesome feature! I am so scardy to delete pics off my phone. This was super helpful! Off to download it now! Thanks again!

  8. Stephanie says:

    you have seriously changed my life with this. i’ve had prime forever and didn’t know about this.

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