What is Sprouting in your Kitchen?

Hopefully not MOLD.

So for the first several months of this year I was meeting with a health coach to help me get my health in order.  This included how I ate, how I handled stress, how I exercised and basically how I dealt with my health.  I will say it was a great opportunity to better understand myself and also came at a time when I really needed it.  It was a lot of information and a lot of new ideas.

One of the items she mentioned was to “sprout” beans for a healthy snack.  She explained to me how to do it and so I tried the following week!  It didn’t work!  I was embarrassed to tell her and ask what I did wrong so I just let it go for a while.

Then I just kept thinking about it so I did some research online and found the error of my ways.  (I am not going to explain to you my mistake because in hindsight, had I been thinking clearly I would have known what I did wrong)

Bean Sprouting can be a little overwhelming with all the information on the internet.  Some beans don’t sprout good, some beans are toxic if not cooked, some beans sprout sooner rather than later, how long do they stay ok in the fridge etc etc etc.  I will say I am still learning and still getting confused.  So I am going to share just what I know for sure (almost)

I decided last week I was on a mission and I was GOING to sprout beans.  So I went to the Health Food Store and bought dried beans.  I purchased chickpeas, green lentil and azuki – because I knew they were safe and there would be no issue with them being toxic just incase the one website was right about Navy Beans!

So I purchased wide mouth quart size canning jars. Online showed metal screens made especially for this process but they didn’t have them at Walmart.  Nor did they have Cheese Cloth.  So I was stumped because I was doing this TODAY!  So I decided to drill holes in the lids of the jars so I could drain the water and let air into my jars.  (This worked ok for this first time but I now need to get something else)

So I had three jars, three beans and we were off.

  • Rinse the beans
  • Put ½ cup of beans in each jar
  • Fill the jars with cold water
  • Put  the lids on
  • Set on  counter over night 8-12 hours
  • In the  morning – drain the water
  • Pour  water in the jar and rinse

    Soaking the Beans over night

    Soaking the Beans over night

(I had to take the lid off to pour more water in and then replace to drain.  If I had the right topper I wouldn’t have to do this as the water would pour right in and right out

  • Set the jars on a towel slanted so any remaining water can drain and air can      get in
  • Rinse and repeat this process 2 -3 times a day (I did it morning and night)
  • In about 2 days some sprouts will begin to form

    4 day! 3 day! 2 day!

    4 day! 3 day! 2 day!

  • Continue until you are happy with your sprouts

One website recommended tasting the bean sprouts each day to see how the taste was and to determine the taste you prefer and then in future you will sprout for just that many days

My Green Lentils took 2 days

My Chickpeas took 3 days

My Aduki took 4 days

When they were done I rinsed them, switched lids and put them in the fridge.

Well I ate some also.

Lentil Sprouts

Here was my problem – I sprouted too many beans and haven’t been home enough to eat them all.  Various websites say they can last a week or two if you continue to rinse every couple of days.  So I am trying this, as I can’t freeze them.

Hoping to make soup with them but life has been crazy the past 10 days!

There are all sorts of other things and lots of recipes online but here are some basic suggestions:

a snack
great in stir fry
for tortilla insides
unexpected on pizzas
a powerful juice source
a friend of soup
necessary on sandwiches

I’m not going to quote all the sites on the healthiness of sprouts  – just give you my laymen thoughts.  They are easier to digest, taste great and have a lot of great vitamins and good stuff in them!

~Momma Juli


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5 Responses to What is Sprouting in your Kitchen?

  1. Love this! This works great for gardening too.. we pre-sprout our beans before planting in a similar way so we know they will germinate.

  2. Summer says:

    Interesting. I’ll have to look into this.

  3. Rosie says:

    I love sprouting, and someone gave me 3 sprouting jars with screens as a present. I had read some material that the safest seeds, etc., to sprout are those you get from retailers who specialize in sprouting, but they are expensive! I like mung beans, I have also sprouted wheat, and then used it for making bread.

  4. Amber says:

    This is so cool! Microgreens and sprouts are expensive to buy, so I think I’ll try sprouting my own greens at home to sprinkle on a variety of dishes 🙂

  5. John Elke says:

    I hadn’t considered this before. What a great idea!

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