What’s In My Purse {Now Entering The Black Hole}

What’s In My Purse {Now Entering The Black Hole}

Black Hole PurseIn a Land Far, Far Away

Once upon a time, I could stick everything I needed in my pockets and head out for the day without carrying even the smallest of purses.  Then I had kids.  I went from no purse/small purse to ginormous diaper bag and not leaving the house without enough supplies to live stranded in the middle of nowhere for days.  (Except diapers and wipes… somehow I never, ever seemed to have enough of those.)

My days of carrying a diaper bag are behind me, but it seems that I’m never going to make my way back to my no purse/small purse life.  I thought it might be fun to take a peak though my purse and see what randomness I can pull out…

Stuff In My PurseMr Big Stuff

There are two biggies taking up space in my purse.  The first is my wallet and the second is my iPad.  My wallet was selected simply for it’s ability to zip closed rather than snap or just fold shut.  That would never work for me.  My wallet is like the over stuffed suitcase of wallets.  I try to clean it out at least once a week, very often while I eat lunch at my desk or something.  My iPad is almost always with me.  Most days it doesn’t even come out of my purse until 9 PM, but I always have it in case I *need* it.  I have some great organizational apps on there, but mostly I just want to have my games and Bitstrip.

Pens and Stuff In My PurseOffice Supplies and Mouth Sore Gel?

The pens and pencil (useless – note the broken lead) and hair bands are probably a fairly normal staple in most women’s purses.  The mouth sore gel?  I have no idea why that’s in my purse.  I think I had a mouth ulcer or something at one time and maybe I picked it up at the drug store?  At any rate, it apparently lives in my purse now.

In My Purse Lip ProductsHoarding

Hi, my name is Jamie and in addition to craft supplies, I also hoard lip products.  In my purse.  If I don’t have color on my lips, or at least gloss, I’ve probably simply given up for the day.  That or it’s 7:30 and I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet.  Clearly, I am not brand loyal when it comes to my lip products.  There’s Sephora, Mark Kay, The Body Shop, Revlon, Blistex and Softlips all represented.  If I could find my Burt’s Bees that I lost, it would be there too.  I’m also a weirdo about my tweezers.  I have a pair on my desk at home, a pair on my desk at work and I carry two pair and a mirror in my purse.  Yes, the mirror is magnified and lighted.  It is also complete and total awesomeness.  So are my tweezers.

In My Purse RandomnessPaper and Power

Yes, I know it’s 2014.  I still write checks, not many, but at least to daycare, after school care, my husband’s barber and my hairstylist.  I actually ordered new ones today from Walmart.com.  I’m also toting around a credit card statement (gotta fill out my expense report), a Kohl’s coupon (just in case), my coupon pouch and my external battery.  My external battery is also pretty awesome.  I try to keep it charged and with me all the time.  I had a second and I’ve lost it somewhere in my house.

In My Purse Ear BudsJust Stuff

Who would want to be caught without earbuds?  Or loose change (also have change in my wallet), a ring or a tiny Lego?  I also have powder, a brush and mascara that I’ve been carrying around since the fashion photo shoot I took part in over a week ago and three checks that I need to take to the bank.  I wonder if the people who wrote them even realize they haven’t cleared their bank yet?

In My Purse Business CardsRounding out the hodge podge is two sets of keys (one has my car keys, a house key and my shopping/gym cards on it – the other has my husband’s car keys, a house key and all of the other random “somebody else’s house” keys.)  I also found another hair band, a Tootsie Roll (I don’t even eat those), a loose game card from the arcade at the bowling alley and some business cards, none of which are my own.  There are none of my own in my wallet either, or at least there weren’t until now.

Logically, the thing to do here would’ve been to clean out and organize my purse as I pulled all of this out, but that’s not how I roll.  Back in it all went.  Besides, I want to be the cool kid and be able to whip out an arcade card when someone needs one.  What, no?  No one needs an arcade card?  Just me then.  Well…

Is your purse a well organized life center, or a slightly disheveled mess like mine?  What is the oddest, most weird thing in your purse right now?

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11 Responses to What’s In My Purse {Now Entering The Black Hole}

  1. I am dying over here. I was cleaning out my bag (more of a tote) tonight and found randomness!!! I need the mouth gel tonight though and maybe some of the candy. Love that you have eleventy million lip products too.

  2. LOL I did this on my YouTube channel last summer, I need to redo it for this year. That being said your lipstick hoarding has nothing on mine. I have a makeup bag in my purse full of nothing but lipsticks, glosses, and chapsticks lol.

  3. Laura says:

    So, being a Mary Kay consultant, I had a little giddy moment seeing the pink and black box in the picture! I love the translucent powder!
    And that’s so much stuff in your purse! That’s why I don’t carry purses anymore, I carry too much in them!

  4. Melissa says:

    How you know you have kids, you find random toys in your purse (like legos). haha

  5. Chelsea says:

    Haha wow you have a LOT in there! I keep a few elastics, a couple chapsticks (a girl needs selection, right?) and my wallet and phone in there. That’s pretty much it!

  6. if you looked inside my bag all yu would see is a ton of lip products and receipts… terrible I know!

  7. Kelley says:

    Ugh, I NEED all of this in my purse! I recently went on a purging rampage and literally threw away so much crap! The problem now though is that I never have what I need when I need it!

  8. Carly says:

    Love this, I totally need to get an external charger!

  9. Whitney says:

    My purse doubles as a diaper bag still so there are tons of receipts and toys. Diapers and wipes. My wallet, and my gloves.

  10. Paige says:

    That is a lot of chapstick and lipgloss! I have a ton of receipts in my purse!

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