Why is it wintertime?

Could someone answer my three year old’s question for me?  Really.  I am willing to pay for any answer that will not elicit a ‘why?’ response from said three year old.  I have tried religion/creation based answers, explanations about the seasons, the plants need to rest to make flowers…on and on and on!  All have been met with w big, fat, ‘why?’.  I am going to loose my mind.  Some days I think the only word she knows is ‘why?’.  I understand that she’s frustrated being stuck inside all of the time, but really.  We’ve got at least 3 more months of cold weather here.  I can not listen to this for another three months.  She does get to go out at preschool (provided it isn’t raining) and we do a lot of errands and things to get out of the house, but I can not take my 8 month old outside everyday just so the three year old can play.  We take advantage of the nicer days, but those seem to be few and far between.  In the meantime, all I hear is ‘why, why, why’.
Any advice?
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One Response to Why is it wintertime?

  1. Kena says:

    I wish I could answer that, maybe try telling her Mother Nature isn’t being polite this year? She’s being a bad girl? I don’t know. I have to admit, that picture is beautiful!

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