Working My Way Out

Who else feels like a post-holiday-food blob?
I’m debating dinner now.  Potato salad and ham again?  I think I’ll pass.
I’m craving warm, un-sauced veggies.  Fresh herbs and chicken.  Salad.  Salad.  Salad.  Grilled chicken.  Salad.
The thought of ham, turkey and stuffing makes me want to run away screaming into the night.  And that’s bad because I’ve never been a fan of the dark.
Speaking of the dark, my son is afraid of his new night light.  It had to ‘sleep’ in the playroom tonight.  He wanted it no where near him.  It’s shaped like Lightening McQueen.  I have no idea what his deal is.
Tomorrow and Tuesday will be lazy.  I might even craft and (gasp) blog.  Wednesday I take my post-holiday-food-blobby-self to the grocery store to buy green things.  Maybe red, yellow and orange too.  And chicken.  Lots of chicken.
Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and all make it out of your food comas.
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  1. WE decided on a hamburger patty and corn. Tired of the fancy stuff but it was all good when we were eating it.

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