Would You Do It All Again?

I had a very poignant question posed to me today…
Would you relive 2011?
Wow, what a question!  Half of me wants to scream ‘No!’ but the rational half says ‘Of course I would!’  This year certainly hasn’t been roses and sunshine, but most aren’t.  My husband would call me ‘negative’, but I prefer to think of myself as realistic.  I don’t expect the roses and sunshine.  Sure, the roses are awesome when they’re in bloom (speaking of, mine are still blooming and it’s nearly January!) and I love to see the sun when it shines, but I refuse to tell myself that I will see the sun every day or that I will always have a chance to stop and smell the roses.  Life doesn’t work that way.  At least not for me.
This year, like most, has been a series of mistakes, disappointments and short-comings.  I’ve walked away from friendships, made mistakes I can’t undo, and failed myself in regards to many of my goals.  I’ve lost the person I thought I’d found somewhere along the way.  I’ve cried more days than I can count, yelled more than any parent should and over-committed myself time and time again.  
But there was good in there too.  I’ve watched my little girl start to get a handle on her emotions (a problem we’ve dealt with for a while now), been amazed as my little guy has really turned into a little person (complete with tantrums, sleeping issues and a complete range of likes and dislikes) and learned a lot about what’s really important.  As much pain and regret as I’ve seen, I’d take it all not to miss these moments.
Would I do it again?  Absolutely.
Would you?
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2 Responses to Would You Do It All Again?

  1. mmm, this really got me thinking. I would like to do it again, just differently of course.

  2. Hines-Sight says:

    I think we grow from all our experiences. Happy New year!

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