You Should Go To A Bar At Least Twice A Week

You may (or may not) have noticed that I didn’t post a ‘Simple Things’ wrap-up for last week.  I finally fell off the wagon, and not because I wanted to.

We’re 8 days in on the whole school thing for the girl and she’s already brought home ‘the funk’.  I’m calling it ‘the funk’ because what was once a stomach bug of some sort has either morphed into or been joined by something that has set my throat a blaze.  Isn’t school grand?  So far, she seems to be completely immune.  Perhaps it’s all of those trips we’ve made to the various mall play areas (read: germ pits) where I’ve touched as little as possible and scrubbed down my arms like I was prepping for surgery, while the girl was busy touching everything possible and ingesting as many germs as her little fingers could shove in her mouth.
Aren’t kids gross?  Or, have they found the magic formula for avoiding the icks?  Touch two random benches in the mall, handle a few coins, run your hand the full length of a handrail, lick your fingers and call me in the morning.

Maybe the grown up equivalent would be eating from a bowl of nuts at a bar two times a week?  I think that may be the more sellable plan.

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3 Responses to You Should Go To A Bar At Least Twice A Week

  1. Tricia O. says:

    We have had the Back to School Funk this week and last, too. I think we are all better now, but it has really cut into my kid-free time. You know, when I’m supposed to be working.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! My toddler is in daycare and DH and I always seem to get a worse version of whatever he brings home. 🙁

  3. gina valley says:

    And, they act like it is a personal insult when you want them to wash their hands, too! Lol!

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