Your Questions About Blogging Answered {The Ask & Answer Series}

Back in July, I took reader question on Facebook in an “anything goes” format.  There were a surprising number of questions about blogging and rather than lump them in with the other questions, I decided on a stand alone post on those questions.  The answers might be helpful to you if you’ve thought about starting a blog, or some may just be plain entertaining!

Questions About Blogging - MamaMommyMom

How did you come up with your blog name? – Caitlin F.

I’ve been asked this question a number of times.  Really, it’s most easily answered by sharing a video.  My blog started out as just a place to write about my life, and at the time, having a 3 year old and a 6 month old, this video pretty much summed up how most of my days went.

Why did you decide to start a blog? – Kristin C.

What feels like a lifetime ago, a friend of mine pointed out that I nearly always had something to say about just about everything.  That was and still is entirely true.  I found that I spent a lot of time saying the same things to several friends within our group.  That same friend suggested I start a blog.  It would give me a way to share my opinions and thoughts without constantly repeating myself.

How did you get started? – Keri B.

When I started my blog, there weren’t nearly as many platform options out there as there are now.  Several of the blogs I followed were on the Blogger platform and it just seemed simple to follow suit.  I picked a name (see video above), grabbed a basic background and published my first post on December 1, 2009.

How long have you been a blogger? – Becky H.

December 1st will be my 5th anniversary!

What are your biggest sources of inspiration for DIY/Crafts? – Theresa R.

Far and away, Pinterest is my biggest source of inspiration.  I’d like to say that I just populate things in my head, but that wouldn’t be true.  I often also see pictures in magazines or projects other bloggers have completed and draw inspiration from those.  It may be colors, function or design elements that I pull from.

What would you say is the key to being a successful blogger? – Robyn C.

I wish I could answer this, I really do!  It would make blogging a lot easier if I knew the one key to success.  There are a lot of things that go into being successful, and the first one is realizing that your success isn’t the same as everyone else’s.  I will never be Ree Drummond.  If I measure my success against hers, well, I guess I will always be disappointed.

How do you keep it up?  A blog seems like so much work! – Rainey N.

It is a lot of work!  I spend hours most days doing something related to blogging – even if it doesn’t always show on the site itself.  I’d love to publish a new post everyday (be it a craft, recipe or whatever) but completing those projects takes time… more than you’d imagine since I also have to photograph them, edit the pictures, write up the post… you get the picture.  I genuinely enjoy it though, and that keeps me going.

Do you make much money blogging?  – Leslie B.

I suppose this would depend on your definition of much.  I make a little money, but I put most of it back into the site.  Web hosting, giveaway prizes, supplies for projects and recipes… the vast majority of it gets paid for by me.  You can be sure that anytime I get something free for a craft, project, recipe or whatever, you’ll know.  If I’m paid for writing and sharing a post, you’ll know that too.  I never want readers to feel “snowed”.  I definitely do try to make money at this blogging thing, but I do genuinely love blogging too.

How do you get up your Alexa ranking? – Mandy R.

This is by far the most technical question, and one I don’t have a good answer for.  I’ve never been one to really fixate on my stats beyond pageviews and unique monthly visitors.  If anyone has any words of wisdom on the topic, maybe they’ll post a comment or link in the comments.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the answers to these questions.  If you have other questions about blogging you want answered, please comment below and if you want to read the other questions about my life, here’s the first and second post.

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7 Responses to Your Questions About Blogging Answered {The Ask & Answer Series}

  1. Robyn C says:

    Thank you for answering my question. It actually helps a lot! (And thank you again for the gift certificate. I thought I was going to buy a rice cooker, but when my friend’s husband heard that, he gave me their “back up” rice cooker. So now, I get to buy something fun, perhaps.)

  2. What a fun prompt and a cool way to learn about your blog. Love this post.

  3. Pinterest is definitely a great place for inspiration. You can find almost anything on there. I firmly believe that success is different for each blogger. There’s really no magic formula. I think a lot of people feel like all bloggers are in it for the money (financial success), but that’s just simply not the case.

  4. Kate K says:

    LOL I love that clip and live it pretty much every day, except I’m normally on the phone in my office when it happens! Great Q&A!

  5. That clip will forever make me think of you. 😉

    Love these questions and your honest replies!

  6. Whitney says:

    That is such a fun prompt! Alexa doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Wouldn’t Google Analytics be the better gauge? My Alexa number has gone up and down for no particular reason. I just don’t understand it.

  7. I love this question and answer series! Fun to read, thanks for sharing your tips too Jamie 😉

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